The main purpose of this manual is to guide you to skin care products that will yield the same results as expensive department store brands or specialty products. Once you read this book, you will understand why I'm calling it a manual: It is your quick-reference guide to the most effective, affordable ingredients and products you'll ever need to treat and maintain your skin. I have no stake or vested interest in any cosmetics companies or brand name products. My only commitment is to providing you with the facts and advice anyone can use to attain healthy skin.

By acquainting yourself with some basic principles of skin biology and consulting a list of easy-to-find products and natural supplemental ingredients, you will learn to rely on your own knowledge of skin care instead of succumbing to expensive ads that you, the customer, are paying for every time you buy an overpriced product. This manual will help you optimize your basic daily regimen and stretch your dollar by explaining how and where you can buy natural ingredients to add to inexpensive products. You will also learn to formulate occasional treatments to add to your daily regimen, such as masks, serums, and skin tighteners to further enhance your skin's health and radiance.

This guide will enable you to achieve the best possible skin with the least amount of strain on your pocket book. What no how-to manual can promise, however, is perfect and flawless skin.